October 13, 2016

What do you mean you peed in your pants AGAIN?!” Came the exasperated cry from my scowling lips as I glared towards my 4 year old daughter.


We were (of course) heading out the door on our way to church, loaded up in the Jeep, and as I turned to buckle that sweet girl in, she looked at me with somber eyes while giving me the thumbs down sign.


I wish I could say I was patient. I wish I could say I was understanding. I wish I could say I told her it was all right, I loved her, and then gently took the time to clean her up, change her clothes and then buckle her back up.


But I didn’t.


In anger I yanked her from her car seat, stomped through the house to her room, pulled off her shoes, stripped her wet bottoms off and hurled them with all my might across the room where they met  the closet door with a mighty thud.


One look back at my daughter’s face showed wide, tearful eyes as she whimpered, “Mommy, I pooped in those too.”

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September 29, 2016

Have you ever been too afraid to ask for help? Ashamed that you purposefully hid from encountering the pastor’s wife in your sweatpants and unwashed hair at the grocery store? Anxious about truthfully answering the dreaded question, “How ARE you?”


One of the reasons I think we feel these ways sometimes is because we desire others to have an exalted view of ourselves. We strive to keep up the appearance of being Pinterest Perfect so that other people will like us, accept us, or at the very least think we aren’t a hot mess!


Keeping up the charade of being perpetually wonderful is not only exhausting, but will persist in keeping others and God at a continual distance.

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September 14, 2016

This past Sunday, the Ladies Bible Study I am a part of talked about sin. Particularly the pull we all face to sin, and what we can do or are doing to resist that temptation.  


We looked at the life of Joseph in Genesis 39, when he enters Potiphar’s house in Egypt as a slave, and is so incredibly faithful with every task that his master ends up putting Joseph in charge of all he has. (This should also be the testimony of Christians in whatever God calls us to: faithful, trustworthy and hardworking.)


Then comes the temptation. This time taking the form of Potiphar’s wife, who boldly asks Joseph to come to bed with her and sin. The Bible tells us he not only refused her advances once, but “as she spoke to Joseph day after day, he would not listen to her, to lie beside her or to be with her,” Genesis 39:10.


It is hard enough to resist temptation once, but to do it day after day? This was a battle Joseph was prepared to fight.


I wonder if we are?

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August 31, 2016

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? More phlegmatic or sanguine? An ESTJ or an INFP on the Briggs-Myers scale?


Did you know that you can bring glory to God no matter what your personality type?


It’s true! There is not one personality bent that is more godly than another, and we would do well to not categorize them that way.

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August 17, 2016

“I’m 11 now and will be 12 next month. Right now I am sitting on my bed because mom got mad at me and sent me to my room. I’m supposed to be sleeping, but I’m not. I’m just so mad at mom!”


Those emotional words were written by little-7th-grade-me on November 23, 1997 according to the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Diary recently rediscovered while sorting through some boxes in the garage.

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July 13, 2016

Confession: I Have been an anxious mess the last few weeks.


Shootings. Hate. Uncertainty. Hunger. Political unrest. Confusion and tragedy.


You can add these to the list things that aren’t being reported and commented on every 15 seconds: Cancer. Conflict between friends. Loss of a job. Change. Sickness. Worry and weariness.


At night, I lie awake and wonder what will happen tomorrow? Will I be prepared?

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June 30, 2016

Did you know the year is half over already? That’s right! There are only 6 months left in 2016!

In January, I set a goal to read 2 books a month, and by Gods’ grace, I have exceeded that goal, with a whopping 16 books read in the last 6 months. (WHAT?!!)

Everything I have ever read about goal setting encourages you to break down large goals into smaller action steps. Those seemingly small steps are easier to manage, and almost magically add up, getting you closer and closer to the BIG ONE. A little momentum keeps you motivated to continue pressing on towards what you want, and then BAM! you have read 16 books in 6 months, which sounds just crazy to me to even type out.

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June 22, 2016

It is easy to forget that we need each other. That we weren’t meant to live this life alone. And then sometimes we look at the people we are surrounded with and can wish that we were by ourselves!


Relationships are probably one of the most highly rewarding and yet exceedingly confusing parts of this life. (Can I get an AMEN?!) And friendships seem to be at the top of the I-wish-I-had-them-but-not-sure-how-to-get-them wish list for women.

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June 8, 2016

This week, the Bible study workbook I am doing with a group of ladies at church asked us to describe the image that comes to mind when we hear the word “overflow.”


The author wrote this, “ water gurgling up from various underground mineral springs in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains.” **


This is what I wrote, “Ack! Not the toilet again!!”


My close second was, “This is why mommy doesn’t let you pour your own juice.”


In any case, the word overflow means that something is spilling over because the container is filled beyond its capacity. The question is, what is spilling over?

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May 25, 2016

Ever see a withered plant? Shriveled leaves. Droopy stems. You can almost hear the thirsty plant cry out “Water! Water!”


Each year our garden tends to look like this when I neglect to remember to water it. (Sorry tomatoes!)


Our souls can end up suffering this way as well. Withering beneath the hot sun of hardship. Leaves shriveled up from going too long without refreshment. Stems drooping toward the earth, weak from carrying the burdens of this life.  
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